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Governance and Charity Information

Registered Charity No: 1144426

SLLS, 142 Fortess Road, London, NW5 2HP


SLLS Executive Committee


Elizabeth Cooksey, Ohio State University, USA


Elizabeth Webb, Imperial College London, UK


Tom Jupp, Institute of Education, UK


Executive Committee Ordinary Members:

Amanda Sacker, University of Essex, UK

David Blane, Imperial College London, UK

Ingrid Schoon, Institute of Education, UK

Walter Heinz, University of Bremen, Germany

Dimitri Mortelmans, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Jeylan Mortimer, University of Minnesota, USA


John Bynner, Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, UK

Tom Schuller, Longview, UK

Jan Smit, VU Medical Centre, Netherlands


Global Representatives

Jeylan Mortimer (USA) - [email protected]

Matthias Richter (Germany) - [email protected]

Susan Morton (New Zealand) - [email protected]

Hakan Stattin (Sweden) - [email protected]

Carol Soloff (Australia) - [email protected]

Jan Smit (Netherlands) - [email protected]

Michelle Kelly Irving (France) - [email protected]

Dimitri Mortelmans (Belgium) - [email protected]

Mette Lausten (Denmark) - [email protected]

Lesley Andres (Canada) - [email protected]

Ingeborg Marie Helgeland (Norway) - [email protected]

Ebrahim Talae (Iran) - [email protected]

Dario Spini (Switzerland) - [email protected]

Katariina Salmela-Aro (Finland) - [email protected]

Volunteers for other parts of the world would be welcomed. If you would like to put your name forward, please email Catherine Westlake at [email protected]