Longview has a continuing programme of events to support communications between the different stakeholders in longitudinal research: researchers, policy makers, practitioners and the general public. These comprise the annual conference, which offers the opportunity for longitudinal researchers and policy people to engage in the development of national strategy for longitudinal research, discuss in depth latest national initiatives and with presentations with research findings around a key life course theme. The latter draws together research findings from all the major longitudinal studies from Britain and we hope increasingly from overseas. The aim is to demonstrate research in action, using the complimentary strengths of the different studies to address key research questions on the topic under review.

Other events include lectures and celebratory receptions and major conferences to bring key research findings to the attention of relevant policy and practice audiences, such as the 2009 "Parents Matter" conference, the "Neville Butler Memorial Prize Giving Ceremony" and the "Neville Butler Memorial Lecture".

Relevant information about the different kinds of events can be found through the links below:

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Neville Butler Memorial Lecture 2010

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