Longview Oxford Conference 2006

Longview hosted a conference on 21st July 2006 to discuss the results of the Review of Panel and Cohort Studies and to revisit the topic of “Cycles of Deprivation”.

The Conference had two sessions, the first of which was devoted to the findings of the ESRC Panel and Cohort Studies Review and the second to “Cycles of Deprivation”.

The review findings underpinned ESRC's successful bid to the Large Scale Facilities Fund for the new UK Household Longitudinal Study.

This was the 30th anniversary of what was then the Social Science Research Council (SSRC)’s research programme on Cycles of Deprivation and the publication of a classic book by Michael Rutter and Nicola Madge under a similar name. Michael Rutter started the discussion with an overview. Other experts in the field also gave presentations.

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The conference followed the Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) 2006 Research Methods Festival, which ran from 17-20 July at the same venue, St Catherine's College, Oxford.



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John Bynner:

Peter Elias

John Welshman

John Hills

John Hobcraft

Barbara Maughan

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