Use of Biomarkers in the UKHLS

Arising from the acceptance of the review's recommendations findings, ESRC commissioned four projects on the design of the proposed new panel study - the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS). Longview was successful in winning the contract for one of these concerned with the use of "Biomarkers" in the new study.

The Longview team was:

Michael Wadsworth (MRC NSHD, UCL and Longview Trustee)
Meena Kumari - Epidemiology (UCL)
Margaret Blake (Natcen)
John Bynner (Director, Longview)
Gert Wagner (Director, German Socio-economic Panel Study, SOEP)

The reports of the design projects were presented at a consultative conference organised by ESRC at Regents College in London on 4 October. The report is available here