Longview Conference 2007

The ESRC commissioned a team convened by Longview to undertake this scoping study. "The aim of the work is to support the case that ESRC, along with other potentially interested parties, is considering making to the "Large Scale (Science) Facilities Fund" for funding to support a new cohort study." This is the fund that recently supported the development of a new household longitudinal study in the UK – the UKHLS.

We collected evidence from a large number of experts on longitudinal study throughout the UK and overseas, which led to a draft report at the beginning of September 2007, for discussion at the consultative conference in St. Catherine’s College Oxford, on 20/21st September 2007. Our final report was handed over to ESRC on October 16th 2007.

The workshop was structured around presentations of the main sections of the draft report. There was also other key speakers, including Professor Ian Diamond (Chief Executive of ESRC) who agreed to give his perspective on the new study.