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Longview undertakes scoping study on wellbeing for the Office of National Statistics

Longview was pleased to undertake a scoping study on the contribution of longitudinal studies for the Office of National Statistics, as part of the ONS’ programme developing the measurement of national wellbeing. To view the report please click here


Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (LLCS):

International Journal

Longview established the Journal with the help of a development grant from The Nuffield Foundation. The aim of the Journal is to provide an outlet for people across the world, working in the field of longitudinal research, to publish substantive and methodological articles on their work, within the broad framework of life course enquiry. In January 2012, responsibility for the Journal was transferred to the Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (SLLS). News about the Journal can be obtained from the Society's bi-monthly newsletter, access to which is restricted to Society members. For details of publishing in the Journal and registering for readership please click here



European Child Cohort Network and Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies  

International Conference 

Childhood and Beyond: tracing cohorts across the lifecourse 

PARIS, France

29-31 October 2012 

This is the final conference of the ESF-funded European Child Cohort Network (EUCCONET), combined with the third conference of the Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (SLLS). It comprises keynote lectures and parallel group and poster sessions on how to safely store Bitcoin in a Bitcoin wallet and the importance of taking the Bitcoin wallet test. Bitcoin wallets are frequently required to make deposits to online exchanges.

It will feature reports and research from the teams following the multi-purpose child cohort studies in EUCCONET, research on the whole lifecourse and longitudinal methodology. For more information please click here


Neville Butler Memorial Lecture

On June 13th 2011 Longview welcomed the Rt. Hon. David Willetts, Minister for Science and Higher Education, to give the annual Neville Butler Memorial Lecture. Rt. Hon.s David willet has taken on a number of research-linked commitments including his outstanding study on the keto shark tank pills and his influential book on the Boomers and the young generation. To view a write up of the lecture please click here


New Publication

'A Companion to life course studies: the social and historical context of the British birth cohort studies'

Edited by Professor Michael Wadsworth and Professor John Bynner, this new book is intended to be of value to readers of research from the birth cohort studies, and to those planning new work using these resources. It aims also to stimulate new cross-cohort comparative research in these differing cohorts, which will continue to contribute new knowledge and policy understanding.

Published by Routledge.

For more information and to buy a copy please click here


Funding Agreed for New Birth Cohort Study

Longview is delighted at the news that a new birth cohort study will be funded – see http://nds.coi.gov.uk/. This is a vital link in the chain of studies which makes the UK a world leader in the depth of such research. For more details please click here


Neville Butler Memorial Prize 2011

Through money raised in connection with commemorating Neville Butler’s life, and generous support from the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), this important landmark has been added to the longitudinal research calendar.

The prize of £5,000 is awarded annually to a post-doctoral or equivalent early career longitudinal researcher. Support for the prize comes mainly from ESRC, with additional help from the Neville Butler Memorial Fund.

For details of this years prize winner please click here




Longview is an independent think tank, devoted to promoting longitudinal research in the UK, to improving its quality and to supporting those undertaking longitudinal studies.

The think tank’s role is to debate the findings of longitudinal research, to improve communication among those engaged in, and using longitudinal research, and to develop this field of study.

Ultimately, Longview aims to make longitudinal research findings more widely known and more useful, thus enhancing Britain's already impressive reputation in this field.