Reviews & Scoping Studies

Longview's expertise in the design and conduct of longitudinal research has led to commissions to undertake a number of scoping studies for the research councils and Government. These have arisen in the context of major developments in UK data strategy (as overseen by the UK Data Forum) that have resulted in substantial investment in new longitudinal research resources. The most prominent is the UK Household Longitudinal Survey (UKHLS). The newly announced new birth cohort study for 2011/12 will add substantially to the portfolio. Longview's work has mainly involved the formation of expert groups to bring together relevant evidence and formulate recommendations on different features of the case for the design of these new studies.

There have also been more specifically targeted projects in the areas of evaluation and development of practice including the evaluation for ESRC of the Research Methods Programme and the National Centre for Research Methods, (2006).

Studies include:

Review of panel and cohort studies

Scientific case for a new cohort study

The contribution of longitudinal research to evaluating the Scottish Government's strategic outcomes